My Sustainable Impact

So, far in my career as a student at UIC I feel as though I haven’t made any notable sustainable change on campus or my community, which is a student who dorms. Since I live two blocks away from campus I walk and to say I make a sustainable choice to walk to class instead of taking the bus means nothing. For people to say that is an eco-friendly choice are incorrect. At this point anything we (as in students) do, either recycling or turning off the lights when you leave the room is futile. The only sustainable changes that matter are the ones we make in the workplace. In our first reading we learn about how there was a conscious decision to separate the urban environment and the natural environment. The architects, planners, politicians…etc who are responsible from bring nature back are people who should note their sustainable decisions because they actually have a big/positive impact on the environment. Daily decisions that we go through in our lives as students don’t have that much chance to make an impact on the environment. In the Netherlands the city of Rotterdam is working with a company called VolkerWessels to replace streets that are made of asphalt to convert them into streets made of one hundred percent recycled plastic. This decision will tackle many problems like asphalt CO2 emissions and the growing problem of plastic in the waters of the world. Telsa Motors is working on a project called the “Hyper Loop” which will give humans the ability to travel across the nation in three hours. Its decisions like these that matter when it comes to the topic of urban sustainability, not my decision to ride my bike to the store instead of driving.


Telsa Motors


One thought on “My Sustainable Impact

  1. I believe your mindset is a bit off. It is true that individual’s sustainable habits have small impacts on urban sustainability compared to the impact that changes in infrastructure makes, but if you keep up the habits throughout your lifetime, it can accumulate to quite a bit. Also, your behavior could start to influence those around you, family, friends, and even strangers to develop sustainable habits. There is 7 billion people on the face of this earth, so if each person reduces their footprint, the reduction would be dramatic.


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