A Bike Ride a Day Reduces Emissions In a Big Way

As an ever-evolving, eco-conscious individual, I always take time to reflect on how my actions impact the environment. I’ve adopted eco-friendly behaviors, such as switching to a more sustainable diet, recycling and reusing items, using a reusable water bottle and food containers, and picking up trash that I see lying around. However, in terms of urban sustainability, refusing to drive an automobile is the by far greatest way I’ve reduced my impact.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector pose a great threat to urban sustainability. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation contributed to 27% of GHG emissions in the US. By opting to use public transportation, I reduce my carbon emissions by about 4,800 pounds per year (Transit Chicago). In addition, I choose to walk when feasible and also just purchased a bicycle. These forms of commuting require no fuel and bicycles not only reduce emissions, but also lower traffic congestion and the demand for petroleum.

I can still make greater efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Some changes that I’m in the process of making include purchasing a water filter so that I no longer have to buy bottled water for my home, buying reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, and finding a way to safely compost indoors.






2 thoughts on “A Bike Ride a Day Reduces Emissions In a Big Way

  1. I think it’s really important that you’re choosing to walk and bike around instead of driving. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do, and I’ll probably buy a bike, too. It’s harder to walk everywhere in the suburbs, but biking is probably an easy alternative.


  2. Similarly to you, over the years I have chosen to bring my own water bottle instead of purchasing disposable bottles of water. I also choose to bike and walk instead of taking public transportation. Like what you mentioned, public transportation has contributed to a huge amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Continuing along with what you said, I found an article online mentioning how public transportation causes health issues such as respiratory diseases.




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