Cyclists are the Heroes

Well I’m a first year at UIC and so far, my experience has been pretty good.  When I hear the term “Urban Sustainability”, I still laugh about it sometimes because of how it is portrayed to American society. Although I rode my bike to commute for my summer classes, I’ve actually been using public transportation to go to school. If you take the 8-Halsted bus to UIC, you pretty much would know how packed it can be every single day. Frequently, there are also cyclists as well and I greet them most of time. In my opinion, they seem to be more of urban sustainers than people commuting on public transportation, like me. Personally, I would love to be biking my way to school, as well as many other people should. As shown in Europe, the article stated that “several cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen have been able to make the bicycle stand out as the restoration of transportation and sustainability”. If the people in Europe are able to change their source of transportation, why not America? It’s fun and you get exercise! More importantly, it can help the economy. One source I found said that in 2010, “23,000 people employed directly in bicycle sales, distribution and the maintenance of cycling infrastructure generating £500m in wages and £100m in taxes”. That’s $5,569,150 US dollars in wages and $1,113,630 in taxes with today’s money! If people switched from public transportation to biking, it would most definitely help the economy and also help your own body to stay healthy.



2 thoughts on “Cyclists are the Heroes

  1. I completely agree with the idea that we as a city should resort to riding our bikes rather than public transportation. You already mentioned many positive benefits that could greatly improve not only our city, but our health as well. An interesting fact that I found was that bikes reduce road deterioration compared to a vehicle, which saves huge amounts of money.


  2. I agree biking in the city is the way to sustainability. I also find it interesting how it is good for us physically and econimically. It can also save us money and we wouldn’t even know it.


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