I Forgot To Charge My Car

By my second year of attending UIC, I became conscious of my transportation habits’ effect on the economy. “City and Natural” by Anne Whiston Spirn suggests that, “resources afforded and the difficulties posed by each city’s natural setting comprise a constant that successive generations in that city must address again and again, each in accordance their own values and technology” (Spirn 65). Fortunately, in my opinion, I think my generation is becoming more involved in urban sustainability. My friends and family serve as a reminder to be conscious of the environment. Initially I drove to class, although it is a 10-minute commute, it is still harmful to the environment especially considering I spend approximately 5 minutes idling in traffic. According to EDF.org, idling is just as harmful to the environment as a moving car.

I realized that although my commute would take longer, the benefits of taking public transportation to class and work outweigh the negatives. I picked up my Student Venture card and I now take public transportation to class. UIC’s campus is set up to conveniently utilize public transportation. Using public transportation has helped shape my own values regarding the sustainability of Earth. I now have a long-term goal of purchasing an all-electric car in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint. Slate.com suggest that a Tesla “Model S can travel upwards of 265 miles on a single charge of its 85 kilowatt-hour battery, which equates to less than 3 gallons of gas.” Hopefully 5-8 years from now I will be able to purchase an electric car and minimize my carbon footprint. Thankfully, the technology used to make electric vehicles is advancing and as the technology advances they will become more sustainable.

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Picture- Tesla.com

Tesla Model S Breakdown 


2 thoughts on “I Forgot To Charge My Car

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about wanting a Model S for you car for the reason of how efficient they are. I think they are a fantastic company that will revolutionize our means of transportation entirely. If you are interested you should look into some of their other projects like the Hyper Loop and their battery that just came out.


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