My Impact

I put in a lot of effort to make sustainable impacts on my community. If I don’t who will right? Most people leave it up to the next person to make those impacts. I am new to the UIC campus so I haven’t really made an impact but around my community I like to think I have. Since driving contributes over 50 percent of carbon monoxide emissions into the environment and is responsible from anywhere of 50 to 90 percent of pollution, I only drive to school and back home. Other than that I can be found biking from place to place no matter if it’s winter and extremely snowy or summer and extremely hot. Riding a bike cuts out emissions almost completely. They use less materials to be made than cars and release less harmful chemicals into the air when being made unlike cars. Not only do I bike but I recycle at home. Our recycling bin is constantly filled with recyclables. Nothing goes to waste if not need be around the house. I even use water bottles that can be reused for as long as needed that way I can refill them and not have to buy more packs of water from the store. Recycling is crucial for our environment to prosper and become more sustainable. Recycling gives us the ability to harness the raw materials and make new products. Another way I help make a sustainable impact is by planting and growing my own food to an extent. I have grown tomatoes, many peppers, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, squash, tomatillos, and cherry tomatoes. By growing so many different plants my family and I don’t require to go to the store constantly for goods. Although I put so much effort into this many others still need to be informed on the facts. That should be something we all try to do so more people come on board with the idea that we need to make good sustainable impacts in our community and on our campus.



One thought on “My Impact

  1. You may want to consider putting together a car pool for getting to and from school. That could make a pretty big difference in your CO2 footprint.


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