My Susatinable Practice

     The era of technological advancement in late 21st century took a massive toll in a lot of places in our world, now what we call urban areas. The previous lack of knowledge about consequences affecting the environment from the expansion of industries is now the cause of pollution, chemical change, climate change, natural disasters and so on . As reported in national geographic website “It’s becoming clear that humans have caused most of the past century’s warming by releasing heat-trapping gases as we power our modern lives. Called greenhouse gases, their levels are higher now than in the last 650,000 years.” Understanding the effects , I have acknowledged that if we can’t solve the FullSizeRendereffects within this generation we won’t be able to save our planet any further. As a part of UIC community, I take my responsibility towards the world. Even though I haven’t done any big accomplishment to save the world, I think cycling instead of using a car can create a positive impact in our environment. According to the EPA ,“Bicycling significantly reduces your carbon footprint. If you drive 10 miles to work every day in a car that gets 22 miles per gallon, hop on your bike instead and you’ll save 1,863 pounds of CO2 emissions, an amount equivalent to about 5% of the average family of two’s yearly CO2 emissions.” To support bicycle practice, I use Chicago divvy bikes which promotes the city to adapt the use of bicycle rather than taking car or bus for short distance locations. It also helps to merge the nature inside of big urban city like Chicago. “The city should be seen as part of nature, not something existing outside of it.” As explained in reading “City and Nature.”ffdf


National geographic article.

EPA Data


One thought on “My Susatinable Practice

  1. I like your quote “The City should be seen as part of nature, not something existingoutside of it.” eexplained in reading “City and Nature.”. I encourage cities to learn from Curitiba in Brazil, and we the people in the cities should be land stewards as urged by Aldo Leopold. We should encourage land architects to put up buildings that doesn’t affect nature negatively.


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