My Sustainability Impact

Since I started school at UIC, I have picked up some new habits when it comes to sustainability, both good and bad. To start off with the good, since I am now dorming at UIC I am no longer in need of having a car. Instead I either walk or use my U-Pass to get around. Not only will it reduce my carbon footprint, but it will also save me a ton of money. One of the readings says that there are cities that are built around public transit, and luckily Chicago is one of them.

In 2010 a study has confirmed that riding public transit can save the average person $9,242 annually. Also since I am sharing a shower with other students (not at the same time, of course) it encourages me to take quicker showers than I normally would.

However, there are still some bad habits that I have brought with me to UIC. For starters I use up a lot of electricity. At any given point I will have four to five devices plugged into the wall and charging. I also have the A/C on full blast all day and night. I know I’m not the only one that does this because as of this year 5% of the electricity in the United States is used to power air conditioners.

Since I started taking this course on urban sustainability, I have become more aware of the environment and how I should treat it, and I think that is the first step to fixing these bad habits.


2 thoughts on “My Sustainability Impact

  1. I’m all about saving money so using my U-Pass is a huge help. Totally guilty of using too much electricity as well. I leave my phone charging even when it’s on 100%. You make a lot of good points and I am now checking myself to unplug all my electronics. Thank you.


  2. I understand utilities such as air conditioning in the summer and heaters in the winter are almost always necessary, I’m guilty of using them myself. However, it is a matter of getting into the habit of practicing sustainable ways that will eventually replace these “needs” that will help not only your savings but the environment. For example, in the winter it is as simple as covering all bare floors and cracks by your windows and doors that will help reduce the coldness in the house. For more tips check out


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