My Sustainability Impact

As one of the reading material (City and Nature) expresses, nature and city go hand in hand together. With human activities continually triggering environmental problems such as air pollution, our urban habitat will be even more negatively affected.  Going into my third year at UIC, one of the sustainable impacts I have made is to walk and bike around campus instead of driving or taking public transportation.  According to The Environmental Impacts of Transportation, public transportation in urban areas has been linked to many environmental problems such as releasing toxic air particles into the atmosphere and contaminating soils along with causing erosion.  On the other hand, biking or walking has been proven to reduce one’s carbon footprint and also to reduce the bad air quality (Huffington Post).

Although I have made some sustainable impact on UIC, I have also made some unsustainable impact such as taking 15-20 minute showers at the UIC gym.  The amount of water I use adds up every day which would in effect reduce the water supply and use up more energy.  To better sustain the urban area and to reduce our carbon footprint, awareness of environmental problems should be informed to the public as well as recycling daily and reducing carbon emissions by walking or biking.




2 thoughts on “My Sustainability Impact

  1. Like you, I bike just about everywhere in the city. I think that biking I also beneficial because you will never be stuck wasting gas and releasing emissions while stuck in a traffic jam, like you would every day in the city with a vehicle. And, I also tend to water at times, whether it be while taking a shower or just simply letting the faucet water run to long. I think this is also an area where I could definitely improve at decreasing my carbon footprint.
    -Wes Givhan


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