My Sustainable Impact

I am a transfer student here at UIC, and one of the first things that I decided upon arriving here in Chicago was that I was going to commute from Taylor Street to campus by bike every day. I made it my goal to not drive my car anywhere in the city so that I would not release any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In 2013, greater than 50% of the carbon monoxide as well as nitrogen oxides, and almost 25% of the hydrocarbons emitted into our atmosphere stem from transportation. And over the course of a year, an average individual causes a staggering 27 tons of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. I did not want to contribute heavily to these statistics so one way that I combat this is riding my bike to and from school 5 days a week which definitely has a positive and sustainable impact on our environment. It is amazing to think of how much less polluted and more sustainable our cities would be if a higher percentage of people commuted to work and school using bikes. It would definitely be beneficial if here in Chicago, there could be more streets that have wide bike lanes and like some European cities, have parked cars closest to the street and have the bike lanes border the sidewalk for the bikers’ safety. Aside from biking, I have made a sustainable footprint by having a garden in my backyard. Growing my own vegetables allows me to not have to buy store-bought vegetables which have often been sprayed with harmful and pollutant pesticides. People growing their own veggies would be even more sustainable because it would also cut down on the resources needed to produce millions upon millions of un-organic vegetables that are sold at stores. For the most part, I believe that I have a positive and sustainable impact on the environment and my community as a whole.




2 thoughts on “My Sustainable Impact

  1. Good for you for opting to bike. You’re part of a growing trend around here, as you can see by all the new bike lanes and DIVY stations.


  2. It’s really admirable that you’ve made it a goal to not drive your car anymore. I rely on my car to take me pretty much everywhere, but should probably turn to walking or biking instead.


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