My UIC Sustainability Impact

I’ve been at UIC for two years now and after trying to think of something I did that had a sustainable impact, I couldn’t think of anything. Unsustainable however, I drive to school. It just makes traveling easier for me between my house and school and work. Even though I avoided the morning rush and the afternoon rush this year due to scheduling my car is still emitting carbon dioxide into the environment. Idling is something that happens when you’re at a stoplight or stuck in traffic in fact, “idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting the engine and the exhaust contributes to global warming from the carbon dioxide emissions.” I guess I can say that the least bit of having a sustainable impact on the campus would be turning off the lights of the Pilates studio, Cycling studio, and private changing rooms in the rec center when I used to work there. After classes in some of the studios, some instructors would leave the lights on while no one was in there. When I had to go clean up or change the set up I would always turn off the lights when I was finished using the room. I know turning on and off the lights if you’re leaving and coming right back but it’s always better to turn off your lights even if you’re going to be gone for a minute. I guess these things just add up and either you be using a ton of energy and electricity or you will be saving a ton. It ties up to one of the readings that states that decisions should be made now and they’ll affect every part of the world for decades to come. It deals with the bigger decisions down the road but even these little things that slip our mind could potentially mean a lot. Just having the knowledge of what goes on makes me want to be more aware.


One thought on “My UIC Sustainability Impact

  1. A little help certainly does makes a big change in the long run and this is something we should definitely keep in mind during our daily routines. Although there isn’t much you can do while waiting at a red light, sustainable practices you may consider are engine tuning, and removing roof racks and trailers when they are not in use. This will not only reduce weight and drag but improve fuel efficiency. For more tips visit


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