Air Polluted City

One of the many public health concerns in the Chicago area is its air pollution. As the reading “Physical Activity, Sprawl, and Health” expresses, many residents in developed countries face health problems such as respiratory diseases. In 2014, the American Lung Associated gave Chicago an F for its air quality. The ALA also ranked Chicago as the 14th most air polluted city and the 20th most ozone polluted city in the nation. In order to reduce the amount of smog and poor air quality, Chicago has taken action to control its city’s air quality. Before businesses can construct buildings, an Air Pollution Control Permit is needed to inform residents certain equipment and work areas can potentially contaminate the air. On the other hand, the Array of Things was a plan set up by the city to monitor the levels of air quality through sensors in the lampposts. The data collected can help analyze the different types of air pollutants in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide.

Although the solutions implemented by the city of Chicago are applicable, many smaller scale solutions can also be done. A potential plan to alleviate the levels of air pollution in the city would be to create more bike lanes on the roads and to inform the public about the hazardous effects of the polluted air. The people of the city would be affected because they will be forced to change their way of transportation. This way, less people would be driving or taking public transportation which would produce less greenhouse gases and make the air quality better. Informing the public about the side effects of air pollution can persuade them to drive less and walk more.



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