Greenhouse Emissions

Greenhouse gases in Chicago are a very huge threat to our environment as well as our own health. 70% of greenhouse gases come from buildings or the energy needed to serve them and an additional 21% from transportation such as cars, buses, trucks and trains.1 The remaining 9% comes from industrialization pollution and waste within the city of Chicago itself. Greenhouse gas emissions contain 82% carbon dioxide, 10% methane, 5% nitrous oxide and 3% other toxic constituents.2

Greenhouse gases contain both environmental and physical impacts on society. With so much pollution and emissions in the air, internal damage can be done to any person’s body; breathing problems, migraines, stress, high-blood pressure, etc. Along with physical congestion, these greenhouse gases cause damage to our ozone layer, air quality and even water purification. By switching over to something as simple as battery operated CTA buses/trains, this can reduce the amount of emissions that are being put into our atmosphere and potentially have a major impact on these greenhouse effects. The entire city of Chicago could benefit from this; increased life expectancy, decreased health problems, less expenses on public transit fuel. A healthier and more sustainable way of living can be achieved with watching how much we drive, how often we take public transportation and even how much we produce. A walk to work, a bike ride to school and even growing your own vegetables can have such tremendous impact on our environment and health; why you don’t you give it a shot?


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