Lead Poisoning Prevention

A public health concern in Chicago that many people are not aware of is lead poisoning. Luckily this issue has been decreasing over the years, but it still exists. According to the City of Chicago around 1,000 children are affected by lead poisoning each year. It is a serious health issue, because it can go unknown and show no symptoms. Small amounts of lead in the blood can affect IQ levels as stated by the City of Chicago. The most popular cause for lead poisoning is the paint used in homes. Paint that contains lead has been banned. Mayo Clinic, shows that older homes still contain this paint and the children are affected, because they eat the paint chips. Also, water pipes can release lead particles into the water we drink at home. The city of Chicago is helping to fight this preventable issue by making sure that whenever there is a home renovation there the workers are lead safe certified. It is called the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP). I would also suggest that parents take their children to get screening done to check the levels of lead poisoning. Also every home should make sure that if they’re renovating to use lead safe paint. Also, install filters into your tap water it may not prevent all the lead particles rom passing, but it will stop a majority. This is beneficial, because many homes in Chicago contain lead poisoning in someway. All homes can help and reduce those 1,000 deaths to 0. Also, the CDPH (Chicago Public Health Department) monitors children for lead poisoning. This department also informs and educates about the issue. This is a preventable health issue and we as residents can diminish it.




One thought on “Lead Poisoning Prevention

  1. I had no idea that this was a concern in Chicago. Your plan is simple and can change lives from young children to older adults. I think this is something that Chicago and quickly change and not suffer from. Good research and good plan on how to approach this problem.


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