Chicago’s “Biggest” Problem

The United States is the leading country in obesity rates in the United States. On average, as Frumkin, Frank, and Jackson state, more than half of adults in the United States do not exercise on a regular basis. This laziness epidemic is spreading quickly to Chicago’s children, almost thirty percent of whom are obese, and almost twenty percent of whom are overweight, as a current CLOCC report informs. This obesity epidemic is due largely to over-eating and lack of exercise, as portions in America get larger and treadmills get less popular. Food in America, specifically Chicago, has come to be more of a pastime than a necessity. A prime example of this is the Chicago Public School system’s school lunch system, which offers two lunch options, in which students can participate in a second lunch after the first if desired, as published by the Chicago Public School website. This second lunch comes at a cost, of course. If this second lunch was not offered, students could save both on money and weight, and invest the money and time they would spend on the second lunch on useful recreational activities, such as for workout programs and athletic school activities to allow kids to be more active and counter these rising obesity rates. It is essential to solve the larger issue of obesity by starting with the children, as they will be the leaders of the future generation which can prevent this issue further by implementing larger health-conscious food and exercise programs to lower the obesity rate for the future.



3 thoughts on “Chicago’s “Biggest” Problem

  1. I’m all for increasing physical activities in CPS. With being a fitness freak myself, physical activity isn’t only good for your body but your mind. It relieves stress, contributes to better bodily functions (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.) and the most obvious, reduces body weight and fat. With 60 minutes a day, the average human can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories, depending on the type of exercise. CPS has to do a better job of having healthier alternatives in their lunches, even if it does cost the city more money. Kids matter because they are our future generation so therefore, they should be fed with the right nutrients instead of saving money.


  2. I agree that obesity is one of the major public health issues in Chicago. Physical activity is crucial to one’s health in order for us to remain healthy and happy. As a former CPS student, I actually never heard about the option to eat two lunches. Despite being able to eat two lunches, students always have the option to bring their own lunch which could perhaps be healthier. CPS also implemented having PE classes all 4 years in high school which could possibly help kids become healthier and more active. I agree with what you said about having more exercise programs and healthier food alternatives for the younger generation.


  3. Obesity is a real health issue. So much so that Michelle Obama started that one healthy living program some time ago, right? I remember hearing about a new CPS policy requiring freshmen to take 4 years of P.E. back when I was a senior in high school; I thought of it as unnecessary and considered myself to be lucky because I was able to use those 2 extra classes for AP or whatever I wanted. I was really unaware of how big of an issue this was until I went abroad for the first time; Europeans aren’t all that far off with their American stereotypes. We don’t walk anymore.


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