Food Access in Chicago

The city of Chicago has an abundant amount vacant lots and food deserts. Residents who live in these food deserts don’t have the basic access to the necessary nutrients the human body needs. As the population continues to grow; everybody eats and everybody needs energy, these constraints will only become tighter.  In the cook county region alone almost eight hundred thousand people are “food insecure” meaning they will not know when their next meal will be. I believe it is a basic human right to have access to food and since hundreds of thousands of people can potentially starve something needs to change. Solutions to this issue of hunger are smart floating farms and/or replacements for food overall like a product called soylent. Soylent is a food replacement that is a powder or liquid that has all the necessary nutritional requirements for humans. A smart floating farm is a farm system that brings together sustainable energy production systems such as Solar energy, Hydroponics green growing, and Aquaponics. The best course of action for these two things are having local and federal government provide funding for these projects so people can be fed. These plans would be beneficial because it is a environmental friendly way to produce food on a large scale instead of the standard method of farming. The government of Chicago could be prioritizing the issue of food by researching and testing a urban farm of there own, that way the city will care more about the well being of it more so then a private business.



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