Good Housing, Good Health

Poor housing conditions includes lack of safe drinking water, few food storages areas or spaces, ineffective waste disposal, and many more. Also, the long effects  of poor housing comes with many effects and specifically affect our health  condition with diseases such as respiratory infections and mental health. Public Health officials have tried in the 19th century to tackle especially the issue of crowding and improper aeration to control infectious diseases and fire hazards to reduce injuries. However, even in the 21st century the issue of poor or substandard housing persists, and it long effects causes more harm than good. According to an online article titled “Housing and Health: Time Again for Public Health Action ” by James Krieger and Donna L. Higgins, it was added that “Two million Americans occupy homes with Physical problems, an 4.8 million live in homes with problems.”Sadly, it is not all populations that experience the issue of substandard or poor housing as Krieger and Higgins noted “people of color and people with low income are disproportionately affected.”  Therefore, it is a serious and must be solved. The solution to this problem does not only lies in the hand of only the public health officials, but cut across the local and national levels. The public should be educated on hygiene such as having clean and proper waste disposal to avoid pests harboring that causes diseases,  have or practice or have green spaces to improve air quality and government should intervene by implementing or coming out with stricter housing codes or policies  and educate property owners or builders to ensure cheaper and healthy housing.Alvar Aalto , the Finnish architect, designer, sculptor, and painter once added, “We should concentrate our work not only to a separated housing problem but housing involved in our daily work and all other functions of the city.” Adding to Aalto, housing is an essential determinant of health, and substandard or poor housing is also a major public health issue. Like our week 6 reading that talk about urban sprawl, the increase in the number of people in the cities has also led to an increase in the demand for housing, therefore making people to accept housing with poor conditions.

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