Reducing Air Pollution

Living in Chicago or any major city has its share of public health concerns. After reading about current trends and future projections for sustaining cities, it was apparent that one of the biggest concerns is the lack of clean air. In 2014 Chicago received a grade of F from the American Lung Association for the cleanliness of air. It ranked as the 14th most polluted city in the nation for short term particle pollution. Although the air here is cleaner than it was 15 years ago, there is still much work to be done.

The leading cause of air pollution comes from the exhaust of combustion engines. While cars are the most convenient methods of transportation their emissions will have long term effects on a city’s inhabitants, especially a major city like Chicago.


The most effective solution is to utilize public transportation and that should be easy for Chicagoans to adjust to. Business Insider ranked the CTA the sixth best public transportation system in the US and the best in the Midwest. Many people already utilize the CTA and that’s great, but more people should. You can get nearly anywhere in the city without making more than one transfer.  Most trains run all night as well as quite a few buses. This solution will attempt to clear the roads of cars, and if it succeeds, the long term health risks will decrease such as heart disease, lung, cancer, and asthma.



3 thoughts on “Reducing Air Pollution

  1. Also like you, I wrote about air pollution in Chicago. I agree with you that the emissions from cars causes most of the air pollution, but I feel that public transportation (buses and trains for example) also plays a role in the amount of emissions in the air. Alternatively, biking or choosing to walk would probably lessen the amount of air pollution in Chicago. But I agree with you when you say that public transportation is a better alternative than driving.


  2. Great blog post. I really learned a lot and use one of the statistics in conversation today. I am at CTA advocate and encourage everyone to take it.


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