Small Problems, Huge impacts

Like any other big metropolitan city, Chicago too has a rapidly growing population . And growing population presents a huge market for various industries as growing populations result in growing needs. However, it difficult to deny the fact that in this concrete jungle, people are forgetting how important the basics of life are. From factories polluting the air and intoxicating the river, and parks and recreation places being turned into skyscrapers, to farmers markets being shut down to make way for fast-food joints, day by day people are unconsciously leading extremely unhealthy lives. The carbon monoxides, sulphur oxides etc. emitted by factories and automobiles are a major cause of various respiratory diseases, and the growing empire of fast-food conglomerates has lead to obesity becoming a very serious concern, especially for the young population of the city as well as the country.

A common cold or flu might not sound as dangerous or life threatening as Cancer, obesity or any other major health concerns, it is one of the most widely and frequently occurring health/sickness issue. The Flu, although taken comparatively lightly by most people, can be at times extremely serious or even fatal for certain high risk groups such as older people, young children, and people with certain health conditions, are at high risk for serious flu complications. Influenza, commonly known as the flu is an infectious, fast spreading, contagious disease caused by the influenza virus. The most common symptoms include high fever, muscle ache, coughing, runny nose etc. .

In short, though leading unhealthy lifestyles as well as being affected by various varieties of intoxication (by improper waste disposal) lead to major health concerns, they also lead to a steep drop in ones basic immunity, making something small and comparatively harmless like a flu, very dangerous and fatal. 

The best way of protecting oneself from the flu is by getting vaccinated regularly, however, a huge amount of effort needs to be put in, in order to improve the overall living environment of cities and the lifestyles of its people. More recreation facilities, healthier eating options, general awareness, reduction in pollution, better waste management etc. are just some of the ways of stoping flu from becoming much more harmful than it is and making Chicago, a better city to live in.


One thought on “Small Problems, Huge impacts

  1. The City of Chicago needs to take a larger role in being more environmentally sustainable. It is interesting how the city happens to spend more of their tax dollars on beautifying the beaches than anything else. The department of sanitation is so underfunded that there is barely much left to expand to provide its services to Chicago’s whole region. I really like how your plan mentions that there needs to be better waste management and general awareness to keep everyone is the city healthy, and in having green spaces available will increase how people in the city become more recreation with the space.


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