Show you care be aware

Food is one of the most important basic unit of life. They are the sources of protein, vitamin, carbohydrate…. which are required by our body to function properly. However when it comes to unhealthy food they are equally harmful for our body. The research provided by North Ohio Heart clams one out of four Americans eats fast food every day (Deanna 1). This means one out of four people has no or a little concept about what they are eating right now. As a Chicago residence for 3 years, I am one of those four people who will always go to get food at fast food restaurant.

A study recently published in the journal Annals of Diagnostic Pathology determined that some fast food hamburgers may contain as little as 2 % actual meat(1). So, this fact proves that I’m eating non-healthy food at all. I believe City of Chicago should initiate new innovative system to prioritize food safety health inspection. As release in press conference Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the launch of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) and Department of Innovation and Technology’s (DOIT) new innovative system designed to better ensure food safety for Chicago residents and visitors. However, I don’t believe they are taking any effective steps to ensure consumer health. a. Some of the solution I think are really beneficial is by posting resourceful information showing how it was manufactured before selling any items to the customer. City of City should take strong action to make this an requirement. In that way people like me who are depended on fast food would have enough knowledge about what that are eating and what can they omit in next breakfast or lunch. And the restaurants should be encouraged to rely on the resources within or close by the city grown by the farmer. This effort could possibly help fast-food owner to save some money to spend over consumer health, which comes from transportation cost directly.



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