Gun violence in Chicago

Violence is a terrible problem that Chicago has been facing for the last few decades. Gun violence is especially seen throughout Chicago. It is seen so much that some are referring to it is an epidemic. A lot of the incidents that involve gun violence are usually gang related. According to the Chicago Tribune there have been 2,468 shooting victims from Jan. 1 – Oct. 21 in Chicago this year alone. September 2015, just last month, there were 60 recorded homicides. This many homicides made it the deadliest September since 2002. This effects our communities because each and every day someone is losing a child, parent or Friend.

Gun control has been something that Chicago has been trying to accomplish but unfortunately have not been very successful at doing it. Just recently cities are rethinking of bringing back Gun Buyback programs. Chicago is one of those cities. This program encourages individuals to sell there firearms to the city for a profit.  In 2013 22,051 guns were recovered in Illinois alone. This program in my opinion, would be successful because as long as people feel like they are getting something in return especially if it is money they are getting in return. Gun violence prevention is already a priority that the city has and it needs to be dealt with before more innocent lives are lost.


One thought on “Gun violence in Chicago

  1. Programs such as these will be very beneficial to end such violence that we as a community hear everyday. It is important to make a change and unite to make this situation stop. Like stated in this blog it has been something that the city is working on, but as a city together we should make this awareness spread together.


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