312 Will Regulate

A new sustainable initiative for Chicago has arrived in the form of Smart Grid and Smart
meters. This Smart Grid provides a solution to the city’s electricity consumption that consolidates usage onto a network grid. With the Smart Grid in play, households, business and other buildings that traditionally run on a meter will now have a smart meter installed to the electric network grid. This allows business and families to monitor their electricity rates and manipulate their consumption. The potential in this modern tech brings affordability and livability back to the table. This is important because in recent years, Chicago has taken steps toward a greener city and the Smart Grid allows Chicago to be more progressive in that way. It also becomes a sustainable factor for the city because the Smart Grid industry will create jobs and offer training to the city that has seen fluctuating unemployment rates in previous years. These factors, including a reliable network that constantly works to improve, also keep Chicago on the map in the global economy; more of which can be read in detail on the City of Chicago website under “Smart Grid for a Smart Chicago.”

Urban and national politics seem to intersect around environmental issues simply because the issue is not subject only to one branch of government. When it comes to environmental crises and issues, everyone on the planet is involved. Even though the issue of a Smart Grid tech may be tailored toward an urban community whereas cleaning up the Animas river from hazardous waste is geared toward another part of the country, they all have to do with humans and our living conditions. In the example of the Animas river crisis, the contamination started at one point of the river but soon made its way down to communities and enclaves that source directly from the river, such as the Navajo Nation. The issue of contamination started in Colorado but soon made its way to national news. Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said that his people were “weeping every day” and that “…water is sacred to us. The spirit of our people is being impacted.” This is important because when it comes to the environment, everyone takes a loss and the impact cannot be contained. An even clearer example would be of Hurricane Patricia on the southwest coast and Chicago feeling the weather conditions as it faded out on its way east. Another short reasoning would be the how the Smart Grid started out in urban politics but has grown into a new modern solution that cities and towns nationwide can follow suit. This positive promotion is a just a small reason how urban and national politics intersect.



image via: http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=11692

gif via: http://genius.com/discussions/193177-The-best-song-nate-dogg-was-involved-with


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