Chicago Bikes

Chicago like many other cities is trying to become greener. Some of the things the city is doing to create green transportation is by having green public transit, the make way for people program and green taxi’s. One of the things they have done to accomplish this goal is creating a safer way to bike around the city. Not only are they making the city safer to ride in but they are also making bicycles available for the public to rent and use. This work is starting to pay off because Chicago is known as being one of the best large cities in the nation for biking.

Commuting to and from places is a big part of peoples life in Chicago. The city has more than 200 miles of lanes running all around the city made specifically for cyclist. This includes the city’s famous lakefront trail. The city has also recently installed Divvy Bike stations all around the city. As of 2015 there are 475 Divvy stations all around the city providing commuters with bikes to rent and use. By 2020 the city has aimed to “provide a bicycle accommodation within half-mile of every Chicagoan”.  According to the City of Chicago 2012 bicycle crash analysis,” Since 2000, the number of bicycle commuters has increased by 150 percent”. Chicago has made biking accessible convenient while simultaneously decreased traffic congestion but is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions that driving a car would cause.


4 thoughts on “Chicago Bikes

  1. I believe we should increase the bike lanes in the cities. It promotes the sustainable habit and aware the community about the climate issue we are facing on daily basis.The only problem I see is that bikes are time-consuming. Can we come up with some effective invention that increases the efficiency of bikes?


  2. I never would have thought that Chicago would have been considered one of the best large cities for biking! Since moving to Chicago for school, I have been really intrigued by all the biking. Since I am from the suburbs biking was not as common as it is here. I think the idea of biking on the streets scares me because I am afraid I will get hit by a car, so that is great that they are trying to improve the safety for bikers. In addition to the City of Chicago being a great promoter of biking, I also noticed that biking is promoted here at UIC, which is a great way for our campus to be more sustainable!


  3. I really like your topic and its an excellent choice for this assignment. The use of bikes, as a means of transportation, is great for the environment and makes the city look good. Biking can also promote healthy living for the citizens of Chicago and this is also an important fact. If more people would use bikes, we could see a drop in some of the health related issues facing our city. The combination of bikes and public transportation makes traveling throughout the city much easier.


  4. I think it’s interesting also that chicago is such a big bike city in comparison to others, but I makes sense given our extremely flat terrain. I was always so proud of chicago when I lived in Seattle for bit, because chicago had its bike share program years before Seattle got theirs put it. Who’s the more progressive eco-friendly city now, huh?


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