Chicago Can Recycle Too!

With Chicago being such a big urban city, its citizens are producing tons of waste. Chicago incorporated the “Citywide Blue Cart Program” ( This had a goal of recycling in the city of Chicago. After a 12-month period, the city had gathered overall 945,805 tons of waste and 68,090 tons of recycling ( The purpose is to have more people recycle and be aware of the things they can actually recycle. The city made is easier for them by giving them a “blue cart” that the city picks up rather than the citizens dropping it off at recycling facilities. The history of the policy is trying to grow. According to the Progress Report of 2015 Sustainable Chicago, they have increased the number of households that have these blue carts and they are still on course for achieving the goal of “increasing access to recycling and improve policies to promote waste reduction and re-use” (Progress Report of 2015 Sustainable Chicago).

The recycling regulation has been productive and it still continues to look that away. From the article “Taking out the trash” it gives the numbers of recycling every year since 2012 and it has increased every single year from 61,000 tons in 2012 to 85,000 tons in 2013 and to 120,000 tons in 2014. Those numbers seem big but the city is still trying to promote recycling. With this on the urban level and also on the national level, the whole policy just grows and grows. It starts of with something small like a grass root movement and bigger cities know it and it grows into an entire nation with similar policies. Anything happening environmentally in the urban areas is technically happening in the nation as well so the idea just is widespread and everyone beings to get involved.




One thought on “Chicago Can Recycle Too!

  1. I can really connect to this, because in my household i recycle as well. Knowing that our city cares about recycling is very important. If the city shows that it cares so will the people. The blue cart encourages more people to recycle and our city benefits rom this. Just look at the statistics. Great job and great research.


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