Cleaning Chicago

The larger the city, the larger it’s population. The larger the population, the larger it’s capacity to produce waste. Chicago, being one of the largest cities in USA, constantly produces enormous amounts of wastes. The problem the city faces is of not only decreasing the amount of waste it produces, but also to find a safe way of dumping the waste. The illegal disposal of waste and garbage is a problem that is growing steadily in many Chicago neighborhoods, the same problem being faced by the State of Illinois as a whole. At the end of 2013, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, proposed a new amendment, allowing property owners with the proper equipment to reuse useable debris like concrete, promoting recycling and hastening the clean up process.

The “Section 21 of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act (“Act”), 415 ILCS 5/21, prohibits the open dumping of waste. Sections 44(a) and 44(p)(1)(A) provide for the classification of illegal dumping to be either a Class A misdemeanor or a Class 4 felony.” (EPA “Prevention of illegal dumping in Illinois” ) The amendment not only encouraged recycling but also discouraged illegal dumping by providing a simple and safe alternative.


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