CTA Going Green

The city of Chicago has a very extensive and well known public transportation system. One environmental policy in Chicago is the going green project of the CTA. Since it is a corporation this fits under corporate sustainable policies. As a CTA passenger, I like see that the public transportation system is doing its part to help the environment. CTA states on their website, “CTA currently operates more than 250 hybrid buses…hybrid buses achieve at least 20 percent greater fuel efficiency than standard diesel buses.” This whole policy was meant to create a more sustainable community as well as an environment. Also, it is meant to reinforce the quality of life for every passenger. Mainly, it was created to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

This project has been very productive. Many of key pollutants have decreased since 2011. CTA also states that carbon monoxide has been reduced by 55 percent. And they plan to convert their entire fleet into hybrid buses. Also, another project of the CTA includes the renovation of the Wilson station. It is meant to improve the efficiency and safety of riders. Furthermore, it will include energy efficient lighting. This project is meant to attract more costumers and give the city a modern look. It will also be easier for people with disabilities to access. This gives the city of Chicago a more modern look as well as it gives satisfaction to all its passengers. CTA has become more environmental friendly as years pass. They continue to grow and in a way that will affect the environment and communities positively.







4 thoughts on “CTA Going Green

  1. I think this project of CTA’s to make their stations and vehicles more modern and eco-friendly to be very interesting. It is a feeling of relief to see that CTA is making improvements to their stations because a number of them on a few lines are run down. Nice work on the blog post, both interesting and informative. I am curious to see what are the future plans of CTA after these projects.


  2. I always feel that the CTA is always doing something to be more modern and I did not know they did this much. From a physical aspect, the buses look more modern and they are much quieter. I am quite curious to see what these stations will look like and to see how the CTA will impact the lives of Chicagoans. This might be an incentive for more people to start taking public transportation more. Good research and data on this post.


  3. The CTA in the city of Chicago is taking major steps into helping the environment. CTA is one of the major public transportations in the city and they are setting a great example by having all these projects that are environmental friendly. Hybrid buses were a beginning and now they are taking it a step further by renovating stations such as the Wilson one to help with things such as efficiency. Much of the population in the city of Chicago uses public transportation daily, and because of its demand ,CTA is definitely on the right track in helping the environment. This green project helps both the environment and the people in it.


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