petroleum coke

Government regulation, when used properly can be used as an instrument of change and progress. Chicago has taken some steps towards creating a healthier city, such as passing an ordinance to limit the amount of petcoke that is allowed to be stored within the city.  Petcoke is the left over product from refining oil, it is mostly made of carbon and sulfur these tiny particles are easily carried by the wind and can make their way into people’s lungs, causing respiratory inflammation and inducing asthma.

This new regulation is a step forward but many people believe that it is not enough to just limit the amount allowed. Petcoke, however, is not categorized as a hazardous pollutant under the Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act making it incredibly hard to regulate. It is up to local governments and cities to make such regulations. This is where government regulations interferes with business and the environment. These new regulations must keep the environment in mind while also trying to keep the businesses in town.


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