Say No To Plastic


Chicago have recently enforced a new law that bans the use of plastic bag. This ban mostly focuses on large companies of area more than 10,00 square feet and franchises companies. It might or mightn’t be new for Chicagoan’s since it was enforced about 3 months ago on August 1, 2015. The purpose behind this ban is to cut down the negative impacts of pollution caused by improper disposal of plastic bags. As expressed by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director he says, Plastic ban not only helps the local environment, it helps prevent plastic shopping bags from ending up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous area of floating plastic waste”.


Despite of its climatic impact, there have been a lot  controversy saying consumers are charged more to  use recyclable bag. I believe the question does exist whether it’s effective or not but many of the consumers don’t realize we were still paying for the polythene bag. Jordan Parker, a social activities states “What is really important that Chicagoan’s know is that plastic bags are not free, They are paying for these bags whether it’s through an upfront fee … or in hidden costs that they can’t see.” The other important pros of plastic ban is that it’s grabs the community involvement. As consumers aren’t allowed to use the plastic bag, they see the problem and makes them to find the other source sustainable source. Since there are no fact about it’s success or failure we, Chicagoan’s, have to wait and see it’s result in upcoming days.


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One thought on “Say No To Plastic

  1. It’s interesting to see the amount of controversies this topic has sparked. Plastic shopping bags have been around for about 50 years now and the “drastic” transition back to the use of paper bags has certainly created problems given its effectiveness is also put to question.


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