Stop Dumping

If you go down an alley you would be surprised with all the junk one can find: mattresses, cardboard boxes, old furniture, and whatever else. It almost seems like anything goes when it comes to throwing out things. However in mid-1994 Chicago set strict guidelines for sanitation due to the overflow of dumpsters. For example, owners of apartment building must provide garbage cans for all residents and have private or license pick-up service. When it comes to throwing out large items, size does not matter. It is perfectly fine to throw away old appliances, but the owners should always remove the doors or lids from the discarded refrigerators and freezers, as well as arranging with the Streets and Sanitation ward superintendent for any bulk pick up before putting out any large item or extra load of trash. 


There are restrictions on what people cannot throw away like hazardous waste, old cleaning supply, and materials containing toxins. The reason for these regulations is because there have been many cases of illegal “fly” dumping. Fly dumping can create breeding grounds for mosquitos, attracts rats, and is a safety hazard for children playing near by. The city of Chicago has takes regulating its trash very seriously and as a community we should all do our part and help.



3 thoughts on “Stop Dumping

  1. I agree, Chicago dumps a lot in its alleys. There can be some pretty decent finds too but with the regulations in place it at least makes most of the items fairly sanitary. Also didn’t know this was as big an issue in previous years where guidelines had to be set up. Cool perspective though, neat gif.


  2. The issue with why there is so much garbage in the cities can be due to the fact that many apartment complexes don’t have a strong garbage policy. Usually apartment buildings in the city just have one large garbage container for a 6-10 unit building, which probably fills up these alleys. Plus, the city should invest more money towards the department of sanitation. Our city rat are getting too wild here.


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