Transportation Methods

An environmental policy in Chicago is transportation options, which is considered as one of the seven categories to sustainability. Specifically it is for Chicago Climate Action Plan. As I stated in the first blog, biking is one of the best ways to commute and exercise in the city of Chicago. It most certainly is one of the policies that many people are actively doing.  Although there are a lot of people who rides their bicycles, it still hasn’t made a huge impact. What people can do for biking is by participating in charities. Of course, there are several other options people can do for transportation.  Another way to commute is by taking the bus, which helps save costs for whenever you do not drive your car. Nowadays, the Chicago Transportation Authority implemented a plan for buses to be more “greener, cleaner”. The mayor also states, “Chicago is a city on the move, and we must be able to move our residents with the speed and comfort that mark modern transportation.” This means that a change must happen to be able to move forward.  For buses on the CTA website, there are several percent reductions on emissions such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. In terms of urban sustainability, Marina Alberti, an conversion biology professor at Stanford University says,” developing new signals of urban performance is a crucial step to help cities maintain Earth’s natural capital in the long term”. These ties to transportation as there are new ways to open up Chicago as greener and cleaner.


2 thoughts on “Transportation Methods

  1. I love how Chicago has taken the initiative to make a greener city. The attention placed on bike lanes is crucial in promoting and attracting cyclists. I’m unsure what Alberti meant as “signals of urban performance”? Perhaps, I will take a look at the article to better understand that statement. I wonder if Chicago will move forward with the BRT plan for Ashland avenue? If so, that will greatly impact bus efficiency.


  2. It is nice to see Chicago investing the time and money to make the city more accessible to bikers. Unfortunately many areas of the city lacks efficient streets for a quality bike ride and it cost a lot of money repair these roads. Hopefully, Chicago continues down this path of becoming a biking city. Also the links you provided were very informative, nice work.


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