All of the Lights!

Philips City Farm

Philips HTC City Farm Eindhoven

Science, technology and innovation are often conflated with or come secondary to economic growth and maintenance. Fortunately, more and more largely successful corporations are giving sustainability priority over profit. In July of 2015, Philips, which has played a vital role in in LED technology and advancements opened the Philips GrowWise Farming Center in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. GrowWise is now the largest indoor farming facility in the world.
City farming is one of many sustainable responses to a global food crisis. A large percentage of food grown outside of cities and imported into cities spoils before it can even be purchased. GrowWise helps The Netherlands with accomplishing at least five sustainable development goals. GrowWise is working towards achieving food security and ending hunger, making cities sustainable and resilient, and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, and fostering innovation and sustainable industries which meets several Sustainable Development Goals. It preserves and nurtures existing natural environments, inadvertently by saving land that may be used in unsustainable farming practices that won’t make good use of the resources being used. The plants are 100% organic and this type of innovation can definitely combat urban food deserts, providing more equal access to a healthy diet and life.
Philips Horti team collaborates with CambridgeHOK to operate its farm facility. The quality and success of the farm depends on the successful of several factors (lighting, climate and software control, and sensors) occurring and working together. The plants are grown in Rockwool which is often used for insulation and is capable of being recycled after use with no daylight. Instead, GreenPower LEDs in blue, red, and white are installed to determine the best “light recipe” for each crop or plant. The light at the end of the food insecurity tunnel is definitely LED.






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