Housing Made Easy. Kinda

Housing. We all need it, it’s important, not everyone has it. In recent years residents of the city have even lost their homes due to removal leaving them homeless and displaced. With a city like Chicago, I thought what is a huge problem right now? People. They’re always going to be a problem, but let’s go deeper, people and what else? And boom, housing and loss of homes in the Chicago area immediately came to mind. Many people know, or don’t, that homelessness is a growing problem in this urban community. So I came across an innovative solution by that of prefab housing units. More specifically, the Net-zero Unity home. So check this out, these people at Greenbuild, “the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building,” came up this idea to make prefabricated homes that can be set up in 3 days or less. Even better, the homes are solar powered and built to LEED v4 Platinum standards. Also, to really knock your sustainability socks off, the residential pop-ups come equipped with Cradle 2 Cradle furnishings and products. This starts from the insulation, to the floors, to the accented products. Quite neat. Other companies like NaturepedicIceStone and SunPower joined in on the collab offering their own sustainable touches, by that of mattresses, counter tops and solar panels/windows. Now the only foreseeable drawback for the Unity Home is the price. The built model at Greenbuild’s demo project was a 2BR, 2BA home sizing up at 1,620 sq. feet. The current price is $150 / sq. foot and could drop $10 a sq. foot by 2016. That’s $243,000, just sayin’. The concept is great and could really benefit not only the urban but the global community in efforts to combat homelessness, in mad style. But for the rest of us who are ballin’ on a budget, this may be just another innovative project.


image via: bing.com

One thought on “Housing Made Easy. Kinda

  1. Whoa, my socks are off. It’s good to see people and companies taking charge in looking for better solution homelessness. I’m very interested in what is going to happen next and what are going some future ideas.


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