Improving Chicago’s Infrastructure

In Chicago, CityWorks is currently focused on a project that is to bring urban infrastructure to Chicago in the Goose Island area. Nowinski says in the DNAinfo article, “Infrastructure forms the backbone of our cities, our economy and our society.” Chicago is used as a test site and soon hopes to spread to other urban studies. With Chicago having a big and old architectural background, it is a good mix of old and new infrastructure in the city. This can have a big impact on future infrastructure in the city as more buildings and houses are being built and they want to be more sustainable.

They do hope to see this spread across the nation not just in infrastructure but also in “area management, physical infrastructure, water and sanitation systems and transportation and logistics systems.” (Biasco, DNAinfo) First with infrastructure, it can improve and create new ways of being more sustainable through newer buildings that are being built and adjusting current buildings to adapt to this new infrastructure. This project address all 5 factors with environment being the key factor because it is trying to create a more sustainable environment with improved infrastructure for the 21st century. In aims to keep the flow moving starting with the environment and soon leading to energy with better buildings that can conserve energy to the economics behind the new infrastructure with its benefits. It is a work in progress but with the support from the city CityWorks continues to try and improve the city’s infrastructure.







2 thoughts on “Improving Chicago’s Infrastructure

  1. This project would be extremely beneficial. Improving Chicago’s infrastructure will not only improve Chicago but it will also provide much needed work to many individuals. The US is also way behind most countries when it comes to green architecture so improving our infrastructure is the first step in moving towards a greener and more sustainable city.


  2. Great research! This project seems very interesting and has a lot of potential. It would be nice to see older buildings get a modern twist and be sustainable. There are many abandoned buildings all over Chicago. This project gives a chance for those buildings to be put to good use as well as get ideas for future buildings. Great job!


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