Wasting Water

Sometimes we don’t know how much water we are actually using. From cooking to showering, water is being wasted unconsciously. So how do we monitor and tract how much we use? Pecan Street Inc. Austin, Texas started a project for smart water meters. This was a project in hopes of getting the consumer to reduce and be aware of the amount of water being used. Pecan Street conducted a study of 100 customers in Austin which allows the participants to see how much water is being used through a simple smart phone application. Bigger cities like Houston have already started integrating this technology which could cut down on water bills, the amount of energy being consumed as well as having a more positive impact on the environment. Even though they are harder to power, lower market for water utilities and with unrestricted standards, these water cubes are making a break for it [1]. Once people in Austin saw that it took thousands of gallons to water their lawns most of them cut back on their watering habits. Not only will it help monitor water usage and save money, but it will allow the city to regulate any leaks in pipes [2]. Along with the city being able to regulate and identify problems, it makes it easier for utility companies by not having to go from home-to-home and checking these meters. As of right now, the cons outweigh the pros but more innovation is breaking through; making them more compatible and inexpensive. While Texas is going through a “water-conservation” issue [3], these meters will help save water and money that is currently going down the drain.

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