Lets grow it in the sky


Agriculture is fundamental to the sustainability of any society, however, it also has the biggest environmental impact. 40% of the world’s usable land and 70% of the earths freshwater is currently used for farming. With populations growing and droughts becoming more common, cities all over the world are building vertical farms to cope with the increase demand for food. Vertical farms are farms inside buildings that generally use aquaponics and artificial light to grow crops. They use 98% less water per plant then traditional farming and can grow crops year round. Vertical farms cut down on deforestation, soil erosion and water contamination. If the building is managed correctly then no herbicides or pesticides need to be used. In japan a vertical farm has been built inside an old aircraft hangar 60 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, land that they thought could never again be cultivated.  Vertical farms have the potential to minimize hunger in improvised areas and bring about change in the way we view urban sustainability.


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