San Diego Urban Agriculture

Cities around the world have developed new and innovative ideas for making life more sustainable in their respectable cities. One of these innovations in the Western United States is San Diego Foodscaping, which is an organization led by a three family members based in San Diego, California, has played a large role in introducing edible landscaping, organic gardening and urban farming into the lives of many San Diegans. This organization has installed innovative aspects of urban agriculture, including planter beds, green houses, raised beds, trellises, watering aids, water collection systems and composters, in many areas of the city. Converting one’s outdoor and indoor living space into a food producing, life-sustaining system that is functional is a great step towards a more sustainable urban lifestyle. The group also introduces new gardening mechanisms to the public and various products and services to help achieve the most sustainable growing techniques. An organization like this is still somewhat of an innovation, as urban agriculture on a large scale is still a relatively recent and newfound phenomenon in many of our nation’s cities. San Diego, much like many other Western U.S. cities, is a trailblazer when it comes to leading sustainability innovations in their respected cities. Groups such as San Diego Foodscaping are helping pave the way for urban agriculture and making it easier for everyday people to take part in it and help make their lifestyle, and their city as a whole more sustainable.


One thought on “San Diego Urban Agriculture

  1. The San Diego Foodscaping seems like an interesting innovation project. It sounds like a great alternative to commercial agriculture practices. This project also seems like a good way to get the whole community involved to promote better sustainable practices that will benefit the environment and everyone’s lifestyle.


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