The Green Capital

Oslo is the capital city of the Scandinavian country Norway. With a population of over 600,000 people, it is by far the most populous city in the whole country. Oslo is one of the top ranked cities in terms of quality of life across Europe. However, it also frequently ranks in the World’s most expensive cities every year. Being the hub of trade and industry for Norway, and being an important center for maritime center for all of Europe, continuous development while not spending excessively or damaging the environment, was one of the most important tasks of the planners and policy makers of the city. Oslo, also called the “Green Capital”, has various urban innovation projects, both for the present and the future. One of these projects is Oslo’s Climate and Energy Fund. In 2008 itself, the fund supported 2400 sustainability projects, both for business and homes. This resulted in an average yearly energy saving of 55GWh, which is as much as 3600 average households of the city of Oslo use annually. The municipal energy conservation fund was created in 1982 and was built up through a surcharge on electricity. Since then, it has supported a large amounts of projects which has resulted in a total energy savings of 1.3TWh of energy per year which is about 10% of what the City as a whole uses. Along with supporting projects, the Climate and Energy Fund also supports in the establishment of charging stations for electric vehicles ( Over 400 charging stations now), facilitating a the sustainable and ecological idea of Green vehicles.



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