The city of Chicago was lead by Mayor Daley in the creation of green roofs all around the city. Now it’s time to take initiative into another of his great ideas. The green alley project would be a great addition to Chicago. The main point of this would be to make it so that our alleys would handle storm water better and more efficiently while also being able to reduce heat island effects, promote recycling, and conserve energy. The idea is to introduce more permeable surfaces to the alleys and to make proper sewer connections to avoid more flooding. There will also be high albedo pavements to reduce heat island effects. High albedo simply means that the pavement or product can reflect a high amount of light to therefore reduce the heat building up by direct sunlight. It is predicted to help reduce the costs made by air conditioning by at least 18 percent while also reducing the costs of lighting by at least 30 percent due to the high reflectivity of the pavement. It was planned to reuse old tires, concrete aggregate for low costs to mass produce, and slag for some of the alleys as well. The city is also willing to provide “dark sky-Compliant” light fixtures so that the light points downward to light up the area while reducing light pollution in the city. The city is encouraging people to help by making rain gardens, composting, and also by placing rainwater barrels in their back yards. This project needs to come to light. It is a great opportunity for the city.




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