Let There Be LTE

The world is currently in a stage where we are gathering data and developing the most efficient method to analyse and implement what is learned from the data. Sustainability projects to prepare us for what is to come in the future. In “Perspective, Problems, and Models”, Meadows reminds us that “every person in the world faces a series of pressures and problems that require his attention and action. These problems affect him at many different levels”(52). Smart light poles offer a solution to a common problem that many people think about in passing. The problem is connectivity in a state of emergency. Los Angeles is installing SmartPoles that are smaller than cell towers and provide better connectivity than cell towers. They also utilise LED bulbs. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti points out that “the SmartPoles street lighting is capable of generating energy savings of 50 to 70 percent” (Garcetti, 1). This is just the first generation of SmartPoles; there future is very promising considering we can add data loggers and solar panels. For now, they are a great way to provide reliable emergency communication systems running in the case of an emergency.





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