Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest)

“Vertical Forest is a model for a sustainable residential building, a project for metropolitan reforestation that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of expanding the city upon the territory. It is a model of vertical densification of nature within the city that operates in relation to policies for reforestation and naturalization of large urban and metropolitan borders. The first example of the Vertical Forest composed of two residential towers of 110 and 76 m height, will be realized in the center of Milan, on the edge of the Isola neighborhood, and will host 900 trees (each measuring 3, 6 or 9 meters tall) and over 2000 plants from a wide range of shrubs and floral plants that are distributed in relation to the facade’s position to towards the sun. On flat land, each Vertical forest equals, in amount of trees, an area equal o 7000 m2 of forest. In terms of urban densification the equivalent of an area of single family dwellings of nearly 75.000 m2. The vegetal system of the Vertical Forest aids in the construction of a micro-climate, produces humidity, absorbs CO2 and dust particles and produces oxygen.”

This project is important enough to be considered a major urban innovation because it truly rethinks what high rise residential living can be while respecting and putting a major physical emphasis on the environment. Placing over 2000 plants along the buildings balconies really can make a significant difference in offsetting carbon emissions within a city, not to mention, giving birds a place to dwell within a dense urban area like Milan. From a design perspective, the building is absolutely beautiful, the greenery creates a private oasis for each residential balcony to enjoy year round. Economically, it creates jobs for people who have to maintain the plants throughout the residential towers (there is actually a really amazing exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center that shows the three gardeners who maintain this vertical forest.)




4 thoughts on “Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest)

  1. I think it’s cool to address limited green space the same way architects and planners adressed limited residential and office space. Build up! I wish this was less innovative and more common knowledge, i think natural growth should be directly integrated into all construction projects .


  2. I personally wrote mine on green roofs, and this reminds me a lot of those. I love this concept because living in Chicago, we don’t always see a ton of green. I love the city but it can make you feel congested at times. It’s great that they integrated both urban and natural so that we can have both.


  3. I would love to live in a building like this, but I am assuming that these will be very expensive units. I wonder if shade provided by the trees will have a significant effect on the cooling costs during the summer. Another benefit to buildings like this is that the plants also absorb rainwater which would normally runoff into the sewer system.


  4. I wrote my blog on vertical farming a very similar concept. I think that both are innovative ideas that have a long time to develop to serve their full potential. I also believe that having these vertical forests would be a great way to integrate wildlife into an urban setting. Not only would vertical forests be a great concept for improving the health in polluted cities, but it also adds natural beauty to industrialized and urban settings.


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