I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

With a daily ridership of about 2.2 million people, Bogota, Colombia’s bus rapid transit system is among the world’s best networks. TransMilenio was opened in December 2000 serving as a more efficient way of transportation to the capital of Colombia after it experienced a boom in it’s population and the old buses were being overcrowded. This urban innovation project was meant to meet “the need for public transport users in the Capital District . . . with standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability, through planning . . . and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants”

The role that this has on the city’s sustainable development goals is bringing a more innovative way of using public transportation for an affordable price, essentially increasing the efficiency and equality for Bogota. The system is beneficial in that it improves the quality of life and takes people’s time into consideration by minimizing travel time and getting people where they need to be faster. By providing more people with rides, this leads to less pollution, a decrease in the amount of vehicles on the road, and a lower accident rate. TransMilenio was a brilliant idea and Bogota is slowly making their way to becoming a more sustainable city.






3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

  1. Even though trains use more energy in the from of electricity, it will reduce those emissions as well as reduction of congestion in the city. Buses take up a lot of space, always crowded and aren’t as efficient (except for the new battery operated ones). I personally would rather take the L than a bus because of it’s efficiency and it’s small carbon footprint.


  2. I liked how you brought the point of safety. I agree because most of the public transportation drivers are expert expect some of them. Also, I believe, if we give more emphasis on public transpiration it also gives city to grow up economically.


  3. The rapid transit system in Bogota, Colombia seems to benefit in more than one way. On one side, one can see that it benefits the people from this city by having this transportation be more affordable and minimizing travel time. Another way it benefits more than just people personally is the effect it has in decreasing pollution and the number of vehicles on the road. This transit system sets an example of how important it is to take into consideration what people go through daily when traveling from place to place and the effects pollution can have and how it can be decreased. If more cities followed this example of a transit system, there could be greater outcomes in the environment and in the use of transportation daily.


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