WELCOME SPRING 2016 Students!!!

US / UPP 130 Principles of Urban Sustainability is a three credit course being offered this spring through the department of Urban Planning & Policy at the UIC College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Kocs, PhD Environmental Psychology, brings a unique perspective to the course with her background and experience in fields such as architecture, architecture & planning research, participatory design, landscape and nature in urban areas, and energy and sustainability behavior research.

This new course builds on UIC’s core urban strengths and addresses a critical priority for cities today. With sustainability as a motivating force, cities move center stage as the key locales for the development of and implementation for sustainable systems and protection of resources. US / UPP 130 Principles of Urban Sustainability course introduces student to fundamental principles, interdisciplinary approaches, historical trends, policies and planning programs that promote sustainability in urban regions.

Undergraduate students at any level and in any college are encouraged to take the course.  It also fulfills one of the US Society general education credit requirements for UIC undergraduates.

Questions – email Professor Elizabeth Kocs.


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