My Two Cents

Lacking the ability to fly myself everywhere, while releasing any toxins into the atmosphere, I am forced to

Photo by: Hector Morales

depend on public transportation to get to and from school and work. These are places that I have to go at all costs. But what if one day, because of the environmental impact that we are having on our environment, there is suddenly a flood. There is no way I can get to school or work then, and now it doesn’t like the environment is the least of my worries. (Prasad et al., 2009)  Given this information, I try my best to help the environment in any way trying to outweigh the damage I cause with the care I take.

I am a big enthusiast on reusable water bottles because they are more convenient and eco friendly. My mom has reinforced recycling bags since I was a child, so when the whole plastic bag ban was passed, I wasn’t bothered rather thrilled to see a city as big as Chicago take this little step to make a big difference towards the environment. I don’t buy fast food a lot because of all the waste it produces, whether it just be a simple coffee cup, to daily lunch. It really adds up once you take into account every single person that does it daily. Instead, I pack my lunches in reusable containers. While doing this, I am eating healthier which helps me, and I am keep the Earth clean, which helps everyone.

There are areas that I wish that I could do more for the environment. Water usage is a big one. I was able to talk my mom out of getting a dish washer, arguing that we all have to suitable hands, and not to mention the cost of the dishwasher but most importantly the cost of the water that is being used. But, if you insist on having a dishwasher, according to 50 ways to help the planet, skip rinsing dishes before using your dishwasher and save up to 20 gallons of water per load! Watering the lawn is also where I see an excessive amount of water being wasted because I’ve seen my parents just turn the water on and leave it on until they remember to turn it off. Unplugging devices from the wall I know can also be a big help in consuming electricity. I practice this in my own room, and will continue to encourage my parents to do the same.

I am proud to live in one of the top 20 most sustainable cities in the world,according to Wendy Koch of National Geographic,  and I want to make sure that I contribute to the movement.


Koch, Wendy. “10 Most Sustainable Cities, Hint Not Fast Growing Jakarta or Delhi.”Energy Blog. National Geographic. February 10, 2015. Web. January 26, 2016.

Solecki, William ,  Rosenzweig,Cynthia, Hammer, Stephen, Mehrotra, Shagun. “The Urbanization of Climate Change: Responding to a New Global Challenge.”The Urban Transformation: Health, Shelter, and Climate Change (2013). Web. January 26, 2016



One thought on “My Two Cents

  1. I find very hard to unplug my laptop charger and phone charger because its very convenient to just leave it there. I know that it still takes energy when it is not plugged in, but I know what you mean. Trying to change others behaviors may seem easier said then done, but I agree it must be done to help in any way possible. Also, I never knew we lived in the most sustainable cities in the world, that is really cool and a nice bragging right.


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