Sustain the World

Growing up, I’ve learned “good green habits” from church and school such as: recycling, turning off the lights/computer when not using them, and most importantly, picking up after myself. I expanded my habits of individual sustainability by throwing away snack wrappers, coffee cups, and the like that I come across on the grass and pavements, and more so through participating in clean-up campaigns from which result in long-term benefits such as improving air and water quality and reduce heat build-up and soil erosion (Environmental Benefits of Green Space 2013). 

Pollution, whether tangible such as trash on the ground or not so much up for grabs like the smoke in the air, is an outside factor that seems out of our control. Limiting the amount can be difficult such that urban regions tend to find a disconnect from nature, therefore, cities don’t naturally seem sustainable since they tend to rely on goods and services from other ecosystems rather than self-maintenance or self-sufficiency (Anderson 34). Since the ecology is affected by human activity, then as individuals, recognizing “good green habits” as a community would allow for pursuing self-maintenance to strengthen the potential for self-sufficiency. Developing strategies for land-usage and landscape planning highly considers the vision of the communities since most are influenced by appealing ecological settings (Stewart 317).

Therefore, promoting a community cleanup would enable the vision for natural restoration and a cleaner landscape from which a community would learn to pick up after themselves as well as after one another. As an example, members, who reside in a range of urban to provincial communities, of the World Mission Society Church of God have conducted thousands of cleanup campaigns in 2200 regions across 150 countries ( Areas that have been affected by human activity, or even from natural disasters, are being restored by human activity from the basis of individual sustainability which becomes impactful through collective efforts.


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