Sustainability as a UIC Student

As a student of UIC, I can do many things to be more sustainable for the UIC campus. I have access to many resources to help in creating a sustainable campus, along with many peers and instructors who feel the same need for a sustainability.

For example, there are many groups at UIC that are related to the sustainability movement which students can join. These include Terra Society and EcoCampus. Both of these groups are aimed at creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable world, with EcoCampus aimed directly at making UIC more sustainable.

In addition to these groups, the open-minded atmosphere of a college campus is another great way to be more sustainable for UIC. Having the ability to share and promote ideas of sustainability with fellow students and instructors allows a culture of sustainability to form, thus leading UIC to a more sustainable future.

Mainly as a student at UIC, I feel that the student body does in fact have a voice with its administrators. If groups such as Terra Society and EcoCampus worked together with an informed and concerned student body to share their ideas with UIC administrators, change can be made. University administrators are all very well educated people and should understand the benefits of a sustainable world and campus. With a significant part of the student body to show them that there is internal interest in a sustainability movement, positive change can be made.



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One thought on “Sustainability as a UIC Student

  1. I haven’t heard about Terra Society or Ecocampus, so that was some very important information from which the groups seem very helpful in collaborating and sharing ideas regarding the importance of our campus to be more sustainable. I like how the groups are able to communicate with the UIC administrators. It seems that you have invested yourself in promoting awareness of sustainability on campus. I’d like to know more about how the Terra Society and Ecocampus have made UIC more sustainable. Other than communicating and spreading awareness, were there any projects they got involved with that benefited the campus/students? Have there been any other ways you helped the campus be more sustainable in terms of your physical efforts?


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