Sustainability in my world

This is my first time taking an Urban Studies course since attending UIC and I have already learned many aspects about being sustainable and/or unsustainable impacts individuals have on this planet. Aside from that I believe I in both ways consider my actions to be both sustainable and unsustainable. Ever since I can remember my mom has always had two garbage cans in the kitchen, one for purely just garbage and another for just recycling. I have gotten into the habit of rinsing off any plastic cans, or any recyclable item and then throwing it into the recycling bin. Even when my friends come over I always have to correct them into which trash can it must go in. I have become so adapted to recycling without actually trying because how I was raised and will carry this habit when I live on my own.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 at 11.03.55 AM

My most sustainable impact is recycling

Another sustainable impact is the use of public transportation, I have depended on public transportation to get me to and from school my four years here at UIC. Considering, public transportation benefits because it helps reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gases and other pollutants. It also, Public transportation reduces the number of cars in street, and thus helps improve air quality, alleviate traffic congestion, and noise. Makes commuting less stressful. Other places I use public transportation is whenever I go downtown. However, use public transportation can also be considered limited because there’s only so many places one bus/train route can take you and can be time consuming. Therefore, I depend on my car to take me to work and other places I need to go. Sometimes it can even be walking distance but considering the cold winters in Chicago, it is impossible to walk to places during the winter.

There are several outside factors that make it difficult for me to control that would make me more sustainable. For instance, energy consumption is a big factor. We live in a world where we technology is constantly evolving, social media follows everywhere and like most people we are all hooked on our phones. I charge my phone once or maybe even twice a day because in my mind it’s a “necessity.” It increases my energy consumption because I have to charge it more than I actually should or need to. Another outside factor I can think of is the high costs of buying any energy efficient products. For example, buying Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) cost a bit more at the store than old light bulbs. In my household for the most part we use CFLs. Here in Illinois, it is among one of the states to have a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) policy mandating that a certain portion of the state’s electricity come from clean energy sources. Now if only policies were placed in households, it could make a difference to the world. There are other things like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers that come at higher price. These are some common products that not every household can afford to buy energy efficient product.

Overall, for every individual to become more sustainable is not entirely possible but changes can happen if people are more aware. I believe the best way to start is with young children (who are our future) to teach them sustainability and can easily keep those habits with them as they grow.

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One thought on “Sustainability in my world

  1. Transportation is a large part of the economy and our everyday life, especially in urban areas. In cities there are multiple way of transportation because of the limited of spaces parking as you mentioned. Transportation planning in cities is crucial not only to organize the city but to make the city accessible and efficient for the residents. However, the limitation of public transportation in urban areas force us no to be more sustainable and relied in private automobile. Moreover, the limited of public transportation as well as the sprawl in suburbs forced residents to drive everywhere. It causes many residents in the area to demand for more highways instead of public transportation. One big problem is that more highways are built instead of efficient public transportation in major cities. It means instead of becoming a more sustainable city, we are moving to the opposite direction.

    Furthermore, the hard part of the transportation planning is to balance between efficiency and urban system such as water and land. Unfortunately, many cities in the United States are automobile dependable and reject the idea of public transportation. My hope is that our new generation become more aware of the importance of public transportation and thus contribute to the built communities with accessible and efficient public transportation.


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