Sustaining Sustainability

As time passes and the years are consecutively marked “HOTTEST YEAR EVER RECORDED


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” One starts to ponder as to how vast of a carbon footprint they are leaving behind?  As one individual on this planet of billions, it is easy to think that the lifestyle I personally live has no real-time implications on the grand scale of sustainability here on Earth.  However, if every person lived the same way I did how many “Earths” would need to be inhabited, this is one way to think about how much of an impact one can have.  Me, as well as a large population of humans, especially in the United States unfortunately live most of their life on the unsustainable side of the spectrum by default. In today’s society we are instantaneously hooked to be a consumer of the natural world in order to survive.  Or so we think.  As technological advances help create an ungodly amount of produce, the animal agriculture industry for example, society becomes detached from how disruptive that is to the ecological balance of nature.

Consequently, the one sustainable impact I have is being myself.  The first step to change, no matter the size of the situation, is to acknowledge that there is in fact a problem.  Creating conversation is the most efficient way of being a sustainable member of society. If I can influence just one person to throw their trash away instead of littering, eating meat five days out of the week instead of 7, or simply just living in moderation rather than greed. I can create a more sustainable society. Personally I strive each day to make a difference, about two years ago I decided to remove pork from my diet in order to slowly cut meats out of my lifestyle.  In addition I try and drink much more water preferably not bottled water, while increasing the amount of waste that I recycle rather than throwing it with the landfill.  Living off of the land is inevitable, there will always be a carbon footprint, however reducing the size of the footprint is solely up to the individual.


One thought on “Sustaining Sustainability

  1. I love the point you bring up which is the simple word of mouth way of sharing information! I believe that a lot of people, specifically students, learn so much at school about their environment, whether it be that they are taking a class or general information that the university shares with them. The problem with this is that many just keep the information to themselves and do not share it with their sibling, parents, neighbors, and friends. Many times it is because they feel like everyone knows and it is common sense, but they would be surprised at how many people do not understand sustainability and what can be done to help the environment. The more information that is shared, the more people know and the more likely they are to adjust their surroundings to help the environment. This could have a major impact in the long run and it is just an easy step of having a conversation!


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