Easy ways to be energy efficient on a budget


There are several different types of way to contribute to help make the earth a more sustainable place but unfortunately the cost new technology and eco-friendly alternatives are sometimes too high in price for lower/middle class income citizens. However, This doesn’t mean that you can’t contribute or participate; there are several ways to help while being on a budget! You can turn off your appliances when you leave the room/building, which would actually save you money and limit your electricity consumption. Make sure you’re reducing, reusing & recycling as much as you can instead of putting recyclable material in a landfill. You can purchase reusable items like grocery bags, water bottles, coffee mugs, batteries, and you can also use electronics for notes and other functions to reduce your paper consumption. Switch from incandescent bulbs to CF bulbs, this will reduce electricity usage, increase the lifespan your bulbs by 5,000-9,000hrs, and will save you money on your next electricity bill. Another thing you can do is walk/bike/run, more which will not only help you finically but physically as well. All of these alternative options are not only more eco friendly but will also help you finically as well! One thing you can do that will not affect your own wallet is spread awareness about the issue of sustainability and the importance of being eco-friendly; especially if you live in an urbanized area, where you have to import an increasing amount of natural resources and export an increasing amount of emissions and waste. Which the reading “Managing Urban Sustainability: An Introduction to a Special Issue” helps explains the significances Educating people about the rising issues of sustainability will help spread awareness and hopefully inspire change towards a more sustainable life.


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4 thoughts on “Easy ways to be energy efficient on a budget

  1. All of these options are very reasonable, even for somebody supporting themselves with a limited income! It shows that It’s possible for anybody to be environmentally friendly.


  2. I agree that a lot of the new technology on the market today are too expensive. As a college student, I am trying to cut as much costs as possible. Which makes it very hard to make the right choices in order to be more sustainable. However, I do try to do the best I can in my situation. I turn the lights off when I leave a room and unplug unnecessary appliances.


  3. I agree even people with low income or just simply college students we can have a small impact on the environment by making changes in our habits. Being more aware of how much energy we consume helps reduce energy consumption which leads to carbon emissions.


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