Environmental Issues In The Future

Being a productive citizen of my area and part of this planet, there are some important responsibilities that I have on my shoulders, which is to maintain or sustain the culture and originality of my environment.

Therefore, to uplift my responsibility, I use less paper as a student and also try to use those things that can easily be recycled. Though technology is a big part of our daily life, still there are so many fields that face severe losses if we transfer all the things to latest IT devices. The main industry that faces severe damage after the advent of IT is the paper industry. There are so many factories and companies that are still unable to understand the wastage of paper and the way it ruins our environment. Then, plastic shopping bags are the main cause of producing harmful gases in our environment and have a terrible impact on it. However, being a student of UIC, I try to make all my projects, assignments and do most of the work on tablets to reduce the usage of paper. (Sim, 2006) I mostly use my bicycle as the best transportation, because it does not require any fuel or petrol that could harm our environment. These are some of my contributions to save my environment from fossils.

Yet, in coming years, the most critical challenge that entire world will face from the extensive use of cars and all car manufacturing companies are continuously making new model cars and buyers are interested in purchasing them no matter how expensive they are. They forget the problem that our generations will face in the form of this unnecessary luxury, increasing the number of electric trains, metros, etc. All these things will become a major cause of destroying our environment with fuel. It is necessary to take some serious steps to reduce their usage. (Steffen, 2010)


Work Cited

Sim V. “Sustainable communities: a new design synthesis for cities, suburbs, and towns”, Sierra Club Books. 2006.

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4 thoughts on “Environmental Issues In The Future

  1. A foreign friend and I were just discussing the issue of plastic bags the other day. It seems like a simple concept, but for some reason it hasn’t become implemented yet state-wide to make people bring their own bags to the grocery store. The limiting of this small luxury could make a big impact, and our generations need to alter our lifestyle a bit with some cuts to ensure a better life for future generations.


  2. Paper is one of the things that never crossed my mind when thinking of sustainability, but as you explained I can agree with you and relate to it as well. I think it’s a good thing that UIC puts a fifteen dollar limit a semester, I have never went over that amount or have come close to that all the years I have attended. It forces myself to be wise about the things I need to print versus what I want/don’t need to print. Also, having a printer at home I am also wise and rarely touch unless it is necessary considering I only use it for school but I tend to always print at school. Therefore, I consider myself sustainable in that matter.


  3. Being a person who likes to think about the future, I really enjoyed reading this because it specifically states what things we should be taking attention to in the future. If we look at industry and what is happening, then it is apparent that something needs to change. The sources that you use do help with awareness of these ideas. I also think that the ideas that you present are well written.


  4. Great points, however I do not believe that the issue is that people do not care, it is that the technology to make transportation cheaper and more accessible to the greater masses is either not advanced enough or too expensive to become the norm. Most of the major car companies have programs and projects to advance technologies and address such issues.


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