How Humans Impact the Environment

As a student at UIC, I try to do my best in having a positive impact on the environment. I try to pick up litter whenever I see garbage laying on the ground and I take public transportation around the city as much as possible. Types of litter are, “cigarette butts, plastic bags, old tires, fast food wrappers and plastic and glass bottles”. Picking up litter is very difficult because of the many outside factors that come with it. For example, if I am the only one picking up garbage off the ground in a small area without anyone else, the impact is too small for a change to happen. Also, by taking the CTA and Metra, I am reducing the amount of carbon emission being sent into the air. According to pacommutes, “Public transit reduces emissions of the pollutants that create smog by about 100,000 tons annually”. Some changes I can make to my own lifestyle is to use less plastic water bottles. Living in the dorms at UIC gives me the excuse to buy plastic water bottles. Because there are no water fountains near my living quarters, I do not have drinking water available to me without walking outside of the dorms. A solution to this would be using a reusable water bottle or taking the time to walk to the nearest water fountain.

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2 thoughts on “How Humans Impact the Environment

  1. I can relate to this post to which I tend to pick up trash as a habit and take public transportation. Other than that, my commute is two hours of travel time at most to and from campus. Even though I live at home, since it’s more economical for me, I still travel with the plastic water bottles. Even though it mentions on the bottle that the caps are made of around 40% less plastic, the bottles still pile up. You pointed out a couple good straight forward solutions that involve your physical efforts to obtain water. Would you ever consider mentioning your situation to your RA? Since you’re most likely not the only one who’s apt to buying plastic water bottles, having water more accessible to students in the dorms would an interesting point to bring up.


  2. That’s great that you are one of the few that take time and pick up litter laying around. I know many people that would not do this for the fact that in their words its “nasty” to pick up trash from the ground. I feel as the more people get in the habit of doing this, the more others will be influenced by it and make a push to pick up litter themselves. One human can make a huge difference, keep it up.


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