Looking to the Future

When it comes to being sustainable, I think most of us are not as sustainable as much as we would like to be, and there are a few reasons why. Living in the city, most of us have a fast pace daily agenda. Due to such agenda we drive to most places making it fast and more convenient, rather than taking public transportation even though it is readily available and is cheap compared to driving our own personal vehicles, but instead we contribute to the pollution urban transportation is so known for in doing so.
As a student of UIC I could be more sustainable by using more the water bottle filling stations located across the campus instead of buying water or soda bottles from vending machines. It would be a good idea to add more of these water bottle filling stations across campus to encourage students and faculty to obtain reusable water bottles.
The most critical urban sustainability challenge that I see for the going decades is the use the fossil fuels as our main source of energy and our transition to renewable energies. We have been dependent on fossil fuel since their discovery and they are bound to be depleted in our near future. Our biggest use of fossil fuels is for transportation and other means of energy such as electric and hydrogen have faced slow adaptation and acceptance. Electric cars are great, but they are more expensive than a gasoline or diesel engine cars. Not only that, they lack the range that a gasoline or diesel car gives you. Yes, electric cars have a better range today than they did a few years ago, but once you run our of power you need to charge them for hours, a nuisance in the eye of most. Technologies such as hydrogen fuel cars have been developed in recent years and show promise of replacing gasoline and diesel engine cars in the future. Both electric and hydrogen cars still leave a greenhouse gases footprint during the production of electricity and hydrogen but not operation. Still, it is considerably lower compared to the gasoline and diesel cars which contribute to greenhouse gases during production and operation of such vehicles. We need to embrace these new technologies if we don’t want to arrive at a very potential energy shortage in the future.

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Retrofit Water Bottle Fill Stations



6 thoughts on “Looking to the Future

  1. I could not agree with you more. Any significant change on a global scale relies with us individuals in which we change our daily habits and essentially our lives. However, as I was researching sustainability I came across this very insightful article from the New Yorker that you might find very interesting. The author explains how city dwellers are actually live the most sustainable lives. Living spaces are often less deep within cities which would need less energy to light and heat. City dwellers are also far more inclined to use public transit, as I do everyday to commute to school. As difficult as it is to believe, it seems that density is one of the ways that cities can combat climate change.


  2. very good examples of what UIC’s students could do to be more sustainable and solid points about our sources of energy for transportation and what we could shift towards to improve our overall future on this planet


  3. I love the water bottle filling stations. Last semester I would always bring my empty reusable bottle to UIC with me so I can fill them here instead of buying bottles everyday. This semester almost all of my classes are in the new buildings (Lincoln and Grant) so I can’t refill my bottle at these stations as often as before. I haven’t seen them in these buildings, but has anyone else? If not, it would make sense to have them in the most environmentally friendly buildings.


  4. I recently bought a reusable water bottle. I always use the water bottle filling stations which are very helpful and quick. I always look at the number of bottles saved on the corner of the machine and I wonder how accurate it really is haha. But regardless, it is saving bottles and saving the environment over time.


  5. I think develop the new technologies is very important thing to us now because the energy shortage even won’t happen in our age but it definitely will happen in the future if we don’t have sustainable energy.


  6. You overall argument is very true. But I think it is important to consider that some of these more sustainable options are not yet attainable to those of all socioeconomic classes. While some people have the monetary resources to take use of these new technologies, others do not have the means. So I think that it is significant to think about the ways in which we can create sustainable technologies that are affordable and useful for all demographics.


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